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Local Professional Leather Cleaning & Restoration Services

Leather furniture is built to last, starting off with a firm and consistent looking surface appearance, but due to its natural character it will display signs of wear and trap strong odours such as from pets or cigarette smoke over time. Maintained properly, leather can outlive fabric furniture, and is less prone to accumulating dust and allergens.

We now offer a new 2-part leather care service to help keep your leather furniture in top condition:


We can thoroughly clean your leather, releasing deep set grease and grime, as well as blemishes such as ink or water stains. After cleaning we apply a protective layer which enhances the softness, resistance and durability of your leather.


Getting your leather back to being as good as new depends on the nature of the blemish, the duration it’s been there and the type of leather. The process we follow in prepping the leather involves removing the top layer of lacquer, allowing it to dry, sanding it and applying filler to any cracks or tears.

If desired, we are also able to colour the leather using specialist dyes and can offer a colour match service to cater to unusual shades.

This bespoke service begins with identifying your leather. Commonly used pigmented leather or vinyl is easiest to work with and can be restored to new in most cases. Aniline leather requires special maintenance due to it being closer to its natural animal hide condition with no polymer coating and therefore less resistance. Please contact us for more information.

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About Us

Kleen & Fresh are a family-run business established in 2008. We focus on solving all your cleaning issues in Bedford and the surrounding areas with utmost care and an expert approach.

No Stain is Tough Enough!

Our cleaning services cover: deep cleaning for all carpets and rugs, hard floor polishing, leather and fabric upholstery, end of tenancy cleaning and emergency stain removal.

Certified Staff & Quality Products

Our experienced and DBS checked staff use the best environmentally friendly products. All our people are punctual and meet high cleaning standards, guaranteed!

Why Choose Us For Upholstery Cleaning In Bedford?

The care we have put into maintaining high standards for Kleen & Fresh is second to none. For example:

  • All guarantees are upheld

  • We are not afraid of removing any stain or odour – human, animal, engine oil dirt, or even graffiti

  • All cleaning products are environmentally friendly, safe for children and animals

  • Products are carefully selected so that nothing is used that irritates skin or respiratory conditions

  • Customers can be assured that all staff are CRB checked

  • New recruits are CRB checked before they enter clients’ buildings

  • Client confidentiality is of utmost importance

  • Each member of Kleen & Fresh undergoes rigorous training

  • Punctuality is key

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Carpet Cleaning

With top-of-the-range equipment, over a decade of experience, and substantial levels of skill, we are more than capable of making any carpet in your home sparkle and shine with freshness!

Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning leather and fabric upholstery extends the life expectancy of hardworking furniture. Let us help keep your furniture looking fresh and clean, instead of jaded and dirty!

Tile & Grout, Stone Cleaning/Polishing

Kleen & Fresh is equipped with specialist expertise for virtually every floor you’ll come across: Tile, Grout, all types of stone and much more. We can also remove jaded excess grout, leaving you with a clean finish.

End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

We can get your carpets sparkling clean in order to get your full deposit back. And whilst you can clean it yourself, it is a lot easier if you let Kleen & Fresh do the hard work for you.

we guarantee to clean your carpets To the highest standards

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