We are all trying to keep our homes tidy. We might have a busy job, a hectic home life, housemates, a partner, or children — and that can make things more complicated.

Many people are now choosing to hire professional cleaners to help them free up some time and achieve great-looking results. Others are finding that they need to make and stick to a cleaning schedule to stay on top of things.

But did you know that there is another easy way to save time and reduce clutter? Storage!

Large storage warehouses and companies like Jennings Containers have offered space to businesses and individuals for generations, but storage solutions around the home are also becoming a trend. And now, it is important that they are not only functional, but attractive too, as some will be visible on counter tops or walkways.

They have to function well too — ensuring that unsightly or untidy items are kept out of view until they can be dealt with, or else have a permanent home.

Below, we take a look at some of the storage solutions that you never knew you needed — but will be glad to discover!

Solution #1: Fridge Compartmentalisers

The refrigerator can be a disaster zone in the home. During the busy unpacking of shopping and groceries, or grabbing a quick meal on the go, things can get misplaced or spilled — or even go off without us realising.

Compartmentalisers in the fridge can be a huge time saver. There are many choices on the market — whether clear, wipeable plastic, glass, lidded or unlidded, large or small — that can keep things in their place.

These are also especially helpful for meal-prepping, meaning that we can chop and store things like fruit and vegetables so that they are always ready to grab. Studies show we are more likely to make healthy choices if they are easily accessible to us too!

When things in the fridge have a storage space all of their own, you will find it saves you time and energy when on the go.

Solution #2: Hallway ‘Catch Alls’

Many of us are guilty of dumping down our bag, coat, keys and more when we first walk in the house, exhausted after a long day. But there is a solution for this pile that accumulates.

The hallway or entrance ‘catch all’ is a bowl, tray, or other surface that is specifically for you to put these items. That way, they are always where you need them to be whether you are coming in or just about to leave.

What’s more is that they know come in a variety of designs. Marble trays, wooden or glass bowls and other attractive items have all proved popular — and functional.

Solution #3: To-Do Tray

A To-Do tray is an open box or paper tray for you to put letters, bills, reminder notes, or other items that need to be dealt with.

You could put this somewhere that you are likely to see it every day, such as a kitchen counter or dining room table, or in a home office if you have one.

The To-Do tray means that you are always aware of any paperwork or tasks that need to be done, but don’t have to struggle finding them or put up with the papers cluttering up multiple surfaces.

You are also less likely to forget to do something that you see every day!

Solution #4: Compost Bin

A number of households find that they fill up their rubbish bins rapidly, and have nowhere to put additional waste before their bin collection day.

A compost bin for fruit, veg, paper, and other biodegradable items can help. This will free up important space within the larger dustbins, meaning you can go for longer between emptying.

You’ll also be doing your part for the environment too!

Solution #5: Laundry Baskets

Many of us have laundry baskets near our washing machine or in a purpose-built laundry room. But how often do we actually undress there?

It is much more likely that there is an area of your home — such as a chair, or the bed — where clothing seems to accumulate.

Why not put a laundry basket in the area where this happens? That way, you can save time and always ensure that your floor and surfaces are free of clothing.

It also means more efficiency on laundry day, when you can simply grab the laundry basket where clothing has accumulated through the week!

With a few tweaks to your regular storage, adding solutions where items tend to accumulate, you can make your home instantly tidier.

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