With time and energy in short supply in our busy lives, many are turning to cleaning professionals to increase their free time and achieve the best results at home.

But hiring a professional is an additional expense. Many households go back and forth on the decision-making process when wondering if hiring a cleaner is for them.

Fortunately, there are some helpful questions you can ask yourself that will help you to decide if employing a professional cleaner is the right move for you.


1) Do You Have Time To Clean?

Perhaps the simplest but most important question to ask yourself concerns your personal time constraints.

Do you find that your mornings and evenings are simply too hectic to clean effectively? Or perhaps you find that by the weekend you are so in need of rest and quality time with loved ones that cleaning is not a top priority.

This situation is common and can quickly become a vicious cycle. The less time we have to clean, the more the cleaning piles up, and the more overwhelming it becomes. By the time we realise what we have to do, we have no energy to do it!

In this scenario, hiring a professional cleaner can be an excellent choice. They can fit around your commitments and help ensure that your time and energy is going into more important things.

Alternatively, you may find that you do have the time for cleaning, but simply forget what needs to be done, or struggle to establish a routine. In this case, establishing a cleaning routine and setting reminders could be the answer.


2) Do You Enjoy Cleaning?

This second question may seem a simple one, but it is important! Be honest with yourself. Do you find cleaning fun and therapeutic, or would you rather be doing other things with your time?

Some people enjoy the process of cleaning and getting their homes in order. But for many others, it is just an obligation. They love the results, but not the process. This is often why households outsource jobs around the home to professionals. For example, some people love to renovate and repaint their homes themselves, while others would much rather give the job to experts like Bigwig Painting.

If you enjoy cleaning and feel you have an effective routine, then there might be no need for a professional cleaner in your life.

But if, on the other hand, you’d love the extra free time that hiring a cleaner may bring, it could be the right decision for you.


3) Do You Have A Specific Job In Mind?

Professional cleaners are especially important if you have a specific or specialised job in mind.

Perhaps your property needs a thorough deep clean, for example, or you may have flooring or furniture that is in need of restoration.

Like many people, you may also be renting and reaching the end of your tenancy. The all-important end of tenancy clean can help ensure that your deposit is returned in full. That is why many people hire professional cleaners shortly before leaving a rented property.

Times when you might not need a professional cleaner for a specific job can include when you are excited to turn the task into your own personal project. However, if the thought of the job makes you feel overwhelmed, or you are concerned about achieving the best results, choosing a professional could be the best option for you.


4) Are You Achieving The Results You Want?

When you clean, are you happy with the result? Do you feel like you are getting a great return on the time and energy you spend?

Many people simply find that, no matter how hard they clean, the results aren’t quite to their satisfaction. In this case, rather than pushing harder or finding extra time, why not try using a professional?


5) Are You Being Cost-Effective?

Have you ever purchased a special cleaning solution, spray, or new bottle, only to find that it sits gathering dust under the sink? Many people purchase their cleaning supplies with the best intentions, only to find they do not have the time to use them.

Hiring a professional cleaner can save you from purchasing products that you do not need or will not use, as many cleaners will bring their own supplies, while others will consult with you about what you have available at home, so they can then make use of them for you.

Most people will also find that they can achieve greater cost-effectiveness by hiring a professional cleaner, as they can spend the time gained by not needing to clean their home working instead on more profitable endeavours that will generate extra income.


Have you worked your way through our five simple questions? Then you should now know whether or not to hire a cleaner!