The topic of how to help protect the environment is something which most people are talking about these days. In general, it seems we have reached a point where the debate over climate science is more or less settled, and almost everyone believes action needs to be taken to protect the planet.

The question of how to best do this though, is something which is still being discussed.

Some believe the major responsibilities lie with global corporations, while others emphasise the need for co-operation between the world’s most powerful countries.

Amidst all this, it is important to remember that individuals can make a difference too, and that the work which needs to be done to combat climate change and environmental pollution, is something which everyone can get involved with, and have an impact upon.

Our infographic, which has been professionally researched, written and designed, outlines numerous ways in which ordinary people can help the planet, by making simple changes to their lifestyle and daily routines, which will not impact on their quality of life.

Visually interesting and topically compelling, we believe our infographic gives important insights into a vital, globally relevant issue.

This infographic was created by Kleen & Fresh and New Frontiers Marketing